Privacy policy

What data we collect

When you join and participate in Science United, we collect and store two types of data:

How we use this data

We use your account information to keep track of the computing done by your computers, and to let you log in to your Science United account and view this information.

We use your email address to send you periodic emails describing the amount of computing your computers have done. You can control the frequence of these emails or opt out of them altogether.

We use your computer information to determine what BOINC projects are able to use your computers.

What data we disclose to third parties

We don't disclose your account or computer information to third parties.

Your access to and control over data

You can view and modify your account information using the Science United web site. If you wish, you can delete your account. In this case, your account information will be deleted from our server.

You can view your computer information using the Science United web site. Information about your computers is visible only to you.


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