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1) Message boards : Problems : LODA project computation error (Message 1437)
Posted 2 Oct 2022 by W
You should write directly to them on LODA site
2) Message boards : Problems : Certificate not showing all hours (Message 1436)
Posted 2 Oct 2022 by W
Yes, I also noticed this problem (according to my observations it happens when boinc deletes and starts the project)
until it is fixed, detailed information about the hours of operation can be found at this link
or in "Science Projects" at
and you can also see the calculations by day at
3) Message boards : Questions : How did you set up your BIONC? (Message 1384)
Posted 1 Sep 2022 by W
The whole point of boinc is to be customizable, so you can do it your way.
Here are a few examples:
-If you use a particular computer less than once a month, you can put it to work 24/7
-If it is just a home computer, it is better to set it to automatic when it is idle
- "Manual mode" in my opinion is not convenient, we are all human and we can all forget something, it's just not physically convenient to turn on every time
4) Message boards : Questions : Project Private Message (Message 1361)
Posted 23 Aug 2022 by W
Yeah, that's how it works.
5) Message boards : Problems : BOINC doesn't want to connect with Science United (Message 1359)
Posted 20 Aug 2022 by W
You should update your version of boinc, the problem should be solved, please let me know if this is the case
6) Message boards : Problems : Rosetta using excessive disk space. (Message 1343)
Posted 17 Aug 2022 by W
- Automatically resets the no tasks settings and downloads more tasks.

It seems to me that this part is not done by rosetta@home itself, but by the account manager, try doing no task to resetta and then sync with science united.

If you do not want rosetta@home tasks you can exclude it from the "Scientific Areas and Locations" list in the settings
7) Message boards : Problems : Rosetta using excessive disk space. (Message 1325)
Posted 11 Aug 2022 by W
I agree that some things are solved not by optimization but just by brute force, but that's life
redesign and optimization need a lot of man hours and money, which unfortunately many projects do not have, as sad as it sounds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
here's something else you can try:
if you still want to give rosetta@home a chance you can register on their website and go to personal settings, maybe there are settings that can solve the problem
if you can fix the problem in the rosetta@home settings, you can try another account manager
like where you can add an already registered account (or create a new one automatically within the bam site) it takes into account the changes made on the settings pages of the projects
But then the "united" part would be lost
or you can just stay with rosetta turned off in science united

Regards W
8) Message boards : Problems : Rosetta using excessive disk space. (Message 1322)
Posted 10 Aug 2022 by W
boinc has several settings to limit disk usage
Use no more than X GB
Leave at least free X GB
Use no more than X% of total disk space
The limit can be on any of these settings
as well
1) Is there really that much FREE disk space?
2)isn't that space taken up by other projects so much that rosetta doesn't have enough?
You can see this information in the disk section with all the current values
(Or if you don't have this tab, press "view" -> "advanced view" inside the boinc manager window or the ctrl+shift+a keyboard shortcut)
Here is a link from the rosetta FAQ
In any case, it is up to you to choose which project to participate in :)
Regards W
9) Message boards : Questions : Why Virtualbox? (Message 1260)
Posted 23 Jul 2022 by W
No, it can be started on many systems
os x (apple macs)
10) Message boards : Problems : Observation about LHC jobs (Message 1245)
Posted 18 Jul 2022 by W
It could be a lot of things
hardware , os , boinc , virtualbox , task (which I personally have encountered quite often with lhc), etc
The task itself can be for a very long period, like rosetta does (>10000h)
I suggest that you collect the data on all of the above and send it to the lhc forum
They know more about their tasks and are more likely to be able to help
good luck!
11) Message boards : Problems : World Community Grid connection issues? (Message 1192)
Posted 28 Jun 2022 by W
There are some details to keep in mind
1) WCG so far restored only the web site and forum, the technical part responsible for distribution of tasks does not work
2)Even if the link to the WCG is not correct, the computer is still not idle, so I personally do not see the urgency of fixing it
3) The creator is also a person who has the right to rest, etc. Personally, I do not want to alarm the man until we know exactly what the situation in the WGC

If anything changes, in theory, we can write to him at the email address listed on the site
Now it remains to ignore the error and participate in other projects :)
12) Message boards : Problems : World Community Grid connection issues? (Message 1164)
Posted 25 Jun 2022 by W
Same problem, here's a message with a new link

World Community Grid: Notice from BOINC
This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add
13) Message boards : Questions : How to access project account (username/password for world community grid etc)? (Message 919)
Posted 21 Jan 2022 by W
Where i can find a login/password information for all projects?
Or link to log in automaticly or another way to access settings inside projects

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