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1) Message boards : Problems : This project is using an old URL (Message 504)
Posted 22 May 2020 by Chris Raisin
I've found the solution!

Go into the data area where all your BOINC xml files are stored (probably C:\ProgramData]BOINC but it may be elsewhere if you configured it that
way when installing BOINC.

For each project xml file which begins with "account_" (followed by the name of the project) right mouse-button click on the file and select "Edit").
Note that file file must begin with "account_" and NOT "acct_"

If you get a message box asking which editor you wish to use to edit the file, select "Notepad".

Then go through the file and for every occurrence of "http://" change the wording to "https://"
As you finish each file close it and save it (do not use "Save As" since that will affixc a ".txt" to the file name. Just use "Save" (and accept any message
asking if you wish to "OverWrite")

Close BOINC (I always find it good to go into Options/Other Options and check the box against "Enable Manager Exit Dialog". If you do that, when you exit
BOINC it will ask if you wish to "Stop running tasks when BOINC closes". I always say "Yes", since I run BOINC in its own User account, and if I need to go into other
User accounts on my PC (e.g. to check email, or play games or whatever) I do not want the very CPU intensive BOINC projects to slow my machine to a crawl.
When I want BOINC to run, I log off all users, switch to the BOINC user account and start BOINC up to run all night or at other times when I am away from the machine).
(This devotes all your resources then to BOINC to do its job more efficiently).

When you start BOINC up again you will find all the projects which before had the "Remove" button grayed out will have the Remove button back in again.
You can either leave things as they are, or (to ensure all files used by the projects which have changed their URL from "http:" to "https:") you can REMOVE the projects
in question (sing the remove button) and then add them back in via the Tools/Add Project menu item (be careful though to select the project and then alter the URL
in the BOINC Manager box to show "https:" before clicking the "Next" button (many projects in the listing have not yet had their URLs updated.

It appears that the interface must be querying the BOINC account manager to align each of the currently listed projects using the URL value for the project and
of course it will not find the projects with "httlp://" if they are on the BOINC Manager site as "https://", so it realizes you cannot delete it if it does not exits, and
deactivates the "Remove" button. (The programmers could fix this by leaving the "Remove" button to always be active and, when it is clicked, see if the project is on the
Account Manager's site (and if so delete it) and THEN delete the item in the listing anyway. Can the moderator advise how we can put this as a suggestion to the developers?

Anyway, I hope this helps all those who are having trouble with the "Remove" button.
2) Message boards : Problems : This project is using an old URL (Message 503)
Posted 22 May 2020 by Chris Raisin
I too am having terrible trouble with the "Remove" button being grayed out. I went into the xml files and tried amending the URL to be https but every time an update occurs Science United changes things back, adding a new XML file with the "http:" URL.

I gave up eventually and uninstalled BOINC completely, deleting all data files along with it. Then I reinstalled BOINC but as soon as I connect to Science United it updates with the projects which have the offending URLs (those missing "https:/" as a prefix.
I don't want to leave Science United, so I need a way to start afresh with them.
3) Message boards : Questions : World community grid missing in Science United project list (Message 493)
Posted 18 May 2020 by Chris Raisin
I have found it in my projects OK. Perhaps it was added after the posting of your original message. :-)
I was always confused and wondered whether "Science United" run various projects, the same as
"World Community Grid" and whether they are a bit like "Coles" vs. "Woolworths".
But since I can see World Community Grid in the projects now I simply added it.
I gather that means that they interact with each other.
4) Message boards : Questions : When I run with Science United as my Manager, how are completed tasks on projects credited (Message 466)
Posted 29 Apr 2020 by Chris Raisin
So why should anyone join a team? Would it not be better for me to leave all teams and run as an individual, which would then mean my team manager
(Science United) would issue badges etc?. Maybe I should even leave Science United and set BOINC as my Project Manager seeing how I am using BOINC
Client as my Projects front-end software?
5) Message boards : Questions : When I run with Science United as my Manager, how are completed tasks on projects credited (Message 382)
Posted 31 Mar 2020 by Chris Raisin
When I run with Science United as my Manager, how are completed tasks on projects credited?
Are they credited to me with BOINC and recorded as data for me as an individual , or are they Credited to
Science United?

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