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1) Message boards : Problems : No "Use account manager" menu choice (Message 94)
Posted 22 Nov 2018 by RJO
Made the effort to reinstall BOINC, even though it was already running with the latest version. The Tools menu now does show "Synchronize with Science United," which I did a while ago. Still no data is being processed as far as I can tell, nothing shows up on my Science United page or in BOINC, and there's no obvious next step or solution. So from one potential user's perspective, SU doesn't appear to work. I'll check back in a few months and perhaps it will be out of the beta-testing phase. It's a good idea — I hope it develops successfully.
2) Message boards : Problems : No "Use account manager" menu choice (Message 85)
Posted 3 Nov 2018 by RJO
Subjective impressions of new user continued:

I'm now seeing a message that says "⚠ It looks like BOINC isn't running on your computer. Try re-installing it. If you need help, go here."

BOINC is running. I just closed it and reopened it, and it still doesn't look like anything is happening. Too disruptive to re-install it at the moment, so I'll try again another time.
3) Message boards : Problems : No "Use account manager" menu choice (Message 84)
Posted 3 Nov 2018 by RJO
Long-time BOINC user here, testing out Science United (on Mac with BOINC 10.14.2). Giving stream-of-consciousness impressions of a new user trying out the system:

Definitely not clear how to get things started once you've created an account. BOINC is already running on my computer. What do I do? Eventually found a page with these instructions:

Go to the BOINC Manager. If you're using the Simple View, go to the View menu and select "Advanced view".

In the Tools menu, select "Use account manager".

There is no "Use account manager" choice in that menu. There is an "Add project..." menu choice, but Science United is not on the list. So nothing is happening apparently. Not sure what to do next.

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