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1) Message boards : Questions : LHC@home How to Contact Anyone?! (Message 83)
Posted 27 Oct 2018 by greentrancer
So I received some ATLAS projects for LHC@home through Science United and it seems that every few minutes I get "Postponed: VM job unmanageable, restart later." message and the project does not start until I restart the BOINC Manager.

I wanted to contact LHC@home but they only accept messages on their Message board and I cannot post anything there because I do not have any credit. How can I get any credit if their projects are always failing?! A 7 hours project have been running for over 1 weeks and it reached 92% with deadline today. This is so frustrating.

How can I contact them or does anyone know what is happening?!
2) Message boards : Questions : Getting no workunits (Message 71)
Posted 8 Oct 2018 by greentrancer
Then what is the point of this Science United if you still need to create an account with each project?

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