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Posted 3 Sep 2018 by Michael

I think that the Computing settings page can be simplified even more, for the sake of non-technical users, especially women (who may not have even chosen their computer themselves, but did it with the help of a male).

    1. It would be clearer if the page referred not to the processors (because such a user could think 'How many processors do I have?', 'Where do I check it?', 'Is processor the same as core?' etc), but used a more common language concept such as 'computing power' (e.g. '25% of computing power')

    2. Currently it says 'This may affect your electricity costs and your computer's fan speeds.'. Can we mention how it affects electricity costs (higher computing power means slightly higher electricity costs) and underline that it is a slight increase in electricity costs? Because if I am non-technical user, I feel that I don't know how much it will increase the cost. What if by a lot? And now I have a choice of either researching it (too much effort!) or just staying safe and leaving.

    3. Low Power option mentions that computing is not done when the computer is idle. But two other options do not mention it, which looks like under these options the computer will run all the time it is on. Because if I am a new user and I don't understand what it will do to my computer, I feel anxious and will choose not to do it. I think that giving clarity is important. Can we clarify it in the options?

    4. Can we seperate 'computing power' from 'run when idle' / 'do NOT run when idle?' so that I could choose using max power, but only when idle (a combination not shown). Or even have the ability to set up computing power for idle and in-use state: e.g max power when idle, but 50% power when in use. Should be straighforward even for non-technical people. This can be the fourth 'Custom' option, if we wish. Because otherwise, we show these three very basic options, and if I want more I have to go to BOINC manager, which is 100 times more complex even if all I want is a little bit more of basic options, so maybe it's better to include these extra options on this page.

    5. Also, I know we are trying to simplify options and they do indeed look very basic. But maybe we could still add some basic options that are easy to understand e.g. Do not compute when on battery?

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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