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1) Message boards : Problems : Connectivity issues via boinccmd (Message 81)
Posted 23 Oct 2018 by chrispsn
Hi, I'm trying to connect to my Science United account via the command line tool boinccmd (to use cloud training).

The following command gives an error:
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr myusername mypassword

The error is:
││#88 23 Oct 12:34
││Fetching configuration file from
││#89 23 Oct 12:34
││Contacting account manager at
││#90 23 Oct 12:34
││Account manager contact succeeded
││#91 23 Oct 12:34
││[error] No signing key from account manager

Any help is greatly appreciated!
2) Message boards : Suggestions : Running Science United on Google Cloud, Azure, etc (Message 80)
Posted 23 Oct 2018 by chrispsn
Hi there,

As you probably know, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc offer free cloud credit to new users, which can be used to get quite beefy machines:


It would be a great help to the project if accessing that cloud compute was made as easy for new users as possible, perhaps via:

- a step-by-step guide
- automatic scripts for setting up an instance and getting everything downloaded and run.

Leela Zero, which is a non-BOINC project, has started to do this. From experience, using the Tesla V100 makes a huge difference to the rate of training:
3) Message boards : Questions : Web API for statistics (Message 62)
Posted 9 Sep 2018 by chrispsn
Hi there,

Is there a web API for pulling stats on processing power etc? There is a PHP interface for charts (like the one below), but it would be good to have a HTTP(S) GET API for the raw data (I want to make an Excel dashboard).


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