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Archie The Miserable-Rat

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Message 179 - Posted: 22 Mar 2019, 2:46:32 UTC
Last modified: 22 Mar 2019, 2:51:41 UTC

I would like for computing projects to be unable to directly use categorical words and instead have to use subcategories. Example look at project Distributed Hardware Evolution Project
It is labeled with the word "Mathematics and Computer Science". This is a PARENT for subcategories Cryptography and Number Theory. Which have nothing to do with the project listed. So if I wanted for that project to gain more weight, I would have to mark the whole category as priority then manually go back in and delist all the subcategories.

Right now this is not a big issue, however later on when there are more projects handling them will become a big pain if they ignore the purpose of subcategories and just attach them all the parent categories.

Also "Mathematics and Computer Science" should be two separate Parent Categories. Else why Not "Astronomy and Mathematics" or "Astronomy and Physics" or "Physics and Mathematics" or God forbid " Astronomy and Physics and Mathematics".

The only way the word AND should show up for any category is on the actual PROJECT pages. So an example project would have for its keywords AI and CYRPTO and CYBERSECURITY for a project that aims to train an AI for use in finding how 'safe' a cryptology method is for "storage" use.
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