Really hoped it would work...

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Message 608 - Posted: 9 Oct 2020, 15:42:34 UTC
Last modified: 9 Oct 2020, 15:49:22 UTC

Gave it just shy of 24 hours, but alas, with constant notifications about account duplication on various projects or link mismatches or the need to manually sync to the SU manager, I gave up... Great in theory, falls flat on its face in practice. It also removes the main driver for many with DC projects... TEAMWORK! No teams, no driver. One last issue... I had a system that can and does get workunits for its Intel GPU if I link manually, but SU is completely blind to this when using the manager method. Going back to dedicated, by-project focus, work!

Also... I've been doing WCG, SETi@Home, DNet, etc for many years... Never seen such a fail in all of my efforts as this one. Cobbled, poorly executed and removes the 'fun' altogether! Join their Borg collective if you must, but I'll join a team and push forward with them!
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Message boards : Problems : Really hoped it would work...

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