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Message 334 - Posted: 9 Mar 2020, 12:10:44 UTC

Hello All,

I am uncertain if this might be considered a question or problem. In my mind, it is a problem.

A few days ago, I thought it looked like I lost tasks that were in the middle of processing when exiting BOINC and restarting. Either overnight or at some point during the day. Consequently, I started writing down some of the task names and their progress percentages. Upon start-up this morning, three tasks disappeared. Their progress had been 89.979, 38.425 and 6.913. None were close to their assigned deadline. They were all Einstein@Home.

I also notice when restarting BOINC, mostly first thing in the morning, the projects in the list will change. For example, this morning. Astro and LHC were removed. Cosmo, Einstein and SETI were listed. Einstein also changed its status from "No new tasks" to "Allow tasks." Most projects, except for SETI, seem to have that issue from time to time.

I'm running the latest BOINC application.

If this is typical, then I'm not sure I want to donate my computer's time and my electrical bill. I hope that is understandable.
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Message boards : Problems : Task Resets?

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